The Ombudsman – “best practice” in whistleblowing systems

The lawyer as ombudsperson is the most effective whistleblower system.
Employees and contractual partners can turn this ombudsperson in confidence in cases of suspicion.

Neutral Mediator

Ombuds Office

The ombudsperson is a neutral mediator between your company and the whistleblower.

The whistleblower – whether an employee, supplier, customer or business partner – can contact the ombudsman in confidence to report conduct that is punishable by law or inconsistent with the company’s values. There is no need to fear reprisals. This is the most productive and safest way to obtain information.

Remember: going to management or a supervisor is usually difficult. Internal compliance units lack neutrality from the whistleblower’s perspective.

Whistleblowers need both absolute confidentiality and protection. Only the external advocate has a right to refuse to testify and is subject to the professional duty of confidentiality.

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