Compliance Ombudsman

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The establishment of an external ombudsman office under the direction of an independent lawyer can be described as “best practice” among whistleblower systems. In this way, you strengthen trust in your responsible corporate governance.

If you would like to appoint a compliance ombudsperson for your whistleblower system, we are your contact.

Get the maximum benefit for your company from whistleblowing by having misconduct in your company dealt with directly and with legal competence. Avert damage to your company in this way. Benefit from our experience in building trust with whistleblowers.

An external ombudsperson offers your whistleblowers a protected environment in which confidential information could be shared.
With legal expertise and empathy.

Compliance Ombudsman

Confidential Handling, Testing and Preparation

Confidential interaction with whistleblowers.

Employees or contractual partnerscan contact us confidentially in cases of suspicion.
As a professional secrecy holder, we are obliged to keep the identity of whistleblowers secret.

Examination and processing of suspected cases.

Preparation of evidence with reliable initial legal assessment and credibility check.

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