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Whistleblowing System

Is your company fit in terms of whistleblowing?
The EU Whistleblowing Directive 2019/1937 and the Whistleblower Protection Act require all private and public companies and organisations with 50 employees or more to introduce whistleblowing systems.

respect rules


Fulfil legality, control and supervision obligations.
Create a functioning compliance management system for your company and your employees.

Entrepreneurial management bodies in particular face fines or imprisonment for violations of legal obligations.
The company has to expect harsh sanctions in case of violations, such as profit skimming, bidding bans and fines.

Compliance Ombudsman

The establishment of an external ombudsman office headed by an independent lawyer can be described as “best practice” among whistleblower systems.

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External Compliance Officer

Boards of directors and management are obliged to install a risk management system appropriate to the respective company.

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The Road to Justice

Dispute resolution and representation in court.

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Criminal Law

Control and organisational requirements for companies are tightened.

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